LgSC was active between 1990 and 1994 and restarted work in 2004 with the motto “In Latgale, the sun rises”. It receives funding from the Latvian and the Norwegian states. Its aim is to develop and coordinate Latgalian cultural, economic and social activities.

The largest projects include a summer school for students of secondary schools, a festival of Latgalian music, a monthly evening of folklore and Latgalian traditions. LgSC is a non-governmental organisation registered in the Republic of Latvia as a representative of students from Latvia’s region of Latgale, whose aim is the protection, maintenance and development of Latgalian culture and language, but also of European identity and the economic and social development of Latgale. LgSG has carried out numerous regional, national and international projects, including initiatives which directly targeted the linguistic vitality, language planning and maintenance of Latgalian as a regional language in Latvia. Thanks to the LgSC activities, Latgalian orthography norms were recognized in 2007.
The organization runs also a language-maintenance oriented online magazine called LaKuGa Latgališu Kulturys gazeta.