Warsaw University, Faculty of Artes Liberales

The University of Warsaw’s (UW) Faculty of “Artes Liberales” has a special mission at the university: it is a center of interdisciplinary humanities research as well as the initiator and coordinator of interdepartmental, inter-university and international courses linked to interdisciplinary research at all three levels of education.

The multidisciplinary character is supported by a group of early-stage researchers with doctoral degrees with research expertise specifically including: Nahuatl linguistics, philology and ethnohistory, Mesoamerican and Transatlantic studies, Wymysorys language and culture, studies of cultural trauma and ethnic/linguistic discrimination, language ideology and teaching minority languages (17 years of unbroken experience of teaching Nahuatl as the only permanent and three-level academic course in the world; Wymysorys and Quechua). In terms of disciplines, the contribution to the COLING project includes ethnohistory, cultural anthropology, contact linguistics, linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, and psychology. Research and courses offered cover the various connections between the humanities, social science, and natural sciences. Evidence of this strong interdisciplinary position is found, among other things, in the fact that some of the solutions resulting from our community’s initiative have been adopted at all the leading universities in Poland (primarily the system of interdisciplinary Interdepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities – MISH).