Teaching materials


What is the sound of Latgalian?

Latgalian Language Training Tool “Vasals!”

In the book Vasals! (2003) Lidija Leikuma & Juris Cibuls use the so-called P. Strod’s spelling of Latgalian, supplemented with elements of everyday language. This book is the first attempt to provide a general overview of the phonetics and...


Learn to Speak Lagalian! (VIDEO)

These Latgalian language training videos were created by the association “Bruoli un Muosys” (Brothers and Sisters). The materials are grouped thematically. Personal pronouns Numbers Possessive pronouns Alphabet Professions Clothes Various expressions 🙂 Colors People – appearance Exclamations and particles Date...


How to correctly write down the names of the months in Latgalian?

Above find a Latgalian description of the names of the months (Latgalian only).   “Tāvam divpadsmit dālu. Sevkuram dālam vuords.” Itaidu meikli 1928. godā Bierzpiļs pogostā sovulaik pīrakstejs tūlaik škoļnīks, piečuok jurists Stanislavs Apšenīks. Pareizuo atbiļde tai i ir...


Latgalian Primer “Skreineite”

Skreineite (2014) is the first digital Latgalian primer. It was created by the Latvian Language Agency in cooperation with Juris Cibuls & Lidija Leikuma. The primer consists of three parts – a learning tool, workbooks, and reference materials for...


Digital Language Learning Tool “Olûtenš”

Olūteņš (2018, by Lidija Leikuma, Veronika Dundure & Anna Vulcāne) is intended for 4th grade students. The set includes a learning tool for students, an explanatory dictionary, worksheets and methodical recommendations for teachers, as well as. It can be...


Latgalian E-dictionary

The Latgalian E-dictionary is part of the digital Lithuanian-Latvian-Latgalian dictionary”. It was created as part of the corpus of modern Latgalian texts by specialists from Rēzekne Academy of Technology in cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of...


Pīters Strods’ Orthographic Dictionary

The Orthographic Dictionary created by the linguist and clergyman Pīters Strods was first published in 1933. This is its 2012 electronic edition.


Latgalian Writing Tutorial

Vuicīs raksteit latgaliski! tutorial presents the most important rules of the Latgalian written language. The tasks were compiled in compliance with the Latgalian spelling rules issued by the State Language Center of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic...


2007 Latgalian orthographic rules

In 2007, the State Language Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice approved the rules of Latgalian writing. Their goal is to bring Latgalian writing closer to the language spoken by the people, while respecting the already...