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Documentary “To ddomadi – Lingue, volti e luoghi ritrovati”

The documentary “To ddomadi – Lingue, volti e luoghi ritrovati” by Davide Carbone and Freedom Pentimalli reveals the core of the Greko language school “To ddomadi greko”. It shows how it works, the dynamics, the educational methods, and the importance of regular excursions on the territory to link the oral heritage acquired during the classes with the places which keep witnessing it. It constitutes a privileged viewpoint inside the very revitalization process of the school and gives people an idea of the efforts which have been conducted in the area towards language revitalization for 9 years now. All this was possible thanks to the documentation of the meetings between Calabrian and Apulian Greeks, the importance of the classes in and on the language, the moments of conviviality and the intergenerational exchange between the older Calabrian Greek speakers and the younger generations. 

Watch it now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2JGAUgRxzY