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Success stories

Musical video narration about a fieldwork for collecting data of Latgalian speech for the Latgalian language corpus. The video reports on the collaborative mission conducted during the summer of 2021…
Fieldworking in Aglona
Among the Polish community in Texas and its supporters, events related to Polish traditions are becoming more and more popular. Here you can watch short reports from the annual Christmas…
Polish traditions in Texas Texan Polonia - traditions
The GAL (Local Action Group) Area Grecanica is an consortium established in 1997. The GAL Area Grecanica works within its own territory to build opportunities for sharing a common vision…
GAL Area Grecanica
The museum was established in 2016 and it is dedicated to the German linguist, Gerhard Rohlfs, known for his influential work on Greek, proving that the Grecanico origins from Magna…
Gerhard Rohlfs Museum of the Calabrian Greek
Every year, at the end of February, the remarkable activities, personalities, events and works of the previous year are honored and awarded with Latgalian yearly prizes Boņuks. Photo: Latgales vēstniecība…
Annual Latgalian cultural award BOŅUK
Currently, only a few schools in Latgale offer teaching Latgalian literary language, as well as the history and culture of Latgale, to children and young people. This happens thanks to…
Latgalian Olympiad and Speech Competition
Tymoteusz Król started documenting his grandparents generation’s language when he was only 11 years old. This language is Wilamowicean, one of the smallest minority languages of Poland. Above you can…
Tymoteusz Król Revitalisation
Polish music marks its lively presence among Texan Polonia. In this section, we present recordings of the traditional Polish songs, predominantly from Wielkopolska region.The songs were performed by Polska Kapela…
Polska Kapela in Texas Texan Polonia
The Day of Latgale Congress has been celebrated in Latvia since April 2019, as a reminder of the significant decisions made at the Latgalian Congress in April 1917, which formed…
Latgale Congress
In Texas, USA there is the oldest Polish settlement in the United States: Panna Maria. There are also two other locations in the neighborhood, whose inhabitants declare being Polish descendants.…
Land of Free People – Polish Heritage in Texas

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The COLINGUA platform was created as part of the COLING project funded by the European Union, as part of cooperation between several research centers and language communities.

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