Teaching materials


The goal of this videogame is to make use of music and interaction-based games to engage children and young people in learning the language. In particular, participants are asked to learn traditional songs in Greko and complete fun interactive exercises which were created according to three levels of learning (children, beginners and intermediate) so as to go ahead in the game. The storyline, instead, aims to narrow the generational gap between the last older speakers and the new generation of potential speakers, by including community’s anecdotes, cultural curiosities, and dialogues showing how life in the Greko-speaking villages has changed in the space of three generations. 

The videogame story was created by Francesco Ventura while the exercises by Danilo Brancati, Giusy Ianni and Eleonora Petrulli.

PLAY: https://coling.al.uw.edu.pl/grekogiocaconme/